AIDS Medicines Protect Mankind From New Infections!

Recent researches and studies have come up with striking news: the domain of medical science is witnessing an all-new shocking jerk in terms of drugs, medicines, their pros and consequences. The drugs, which are used to cure AIDS, are proved to be extending their functionality in curing other new infections.

Researches have declared that AIDS drugs can now be used as means to prevent unwanted, dangerous infections and syndromes, which would otherwise cause fatal damage. Medicines, which were used only to cure patients affected by the deadly virus called HIV, are now said to be promising for preventing healthy and uninfected human beings from fresh HIV attacks.

One of the most common and main modes in which HIV is transmitted to an individual’s body is through sexual interactions. When the uninfected individual connects to his/her partner sexually, the HIV virus gains entry into the individual’s body if the partner is infected by HIV. Coming to homosexual contacts and interactions, it is said that the rate of virus exchange and infections caused are minimal. The act of sex between men has nil infections when they use a medication in the form of a tablet, which comes in a combination of 2 drugs. This drug has to be consumed every day or before sexual intercourse with an HIV infected person.

At the International AIDS conference, which was held in Amsterdam, the studies and research reports were presented. One of the top scientists in the domain of AIDS, Dr. Anthony Fauci was pretty impressed with the results. He accepted the development and looked at it as a constructive addition to mankind.

Fauci said, “The only way you’re going to end the epidemic is by preventing additional cases of transmission.” So, with this, we can consider the AIDS medicines or treatment drugs as weapons, which prevent and end epidemic.
The studies have done a huge favor to mankind by gifting them methods to prevent an HIV transmission.

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