5 Useful Tips To Take Medications Safely

Overdose or wrong medication can lead to heart problems, breathing issues, and internal bleeding. We all know hard drinks are harmful to our body, but if taken when on any medication it can be way more dangerous as it can reduce the effect of medicine, make it useless or even turn it into a toxic compound, which would damage our body.

Drugs are to be handled with care and some mistakes that a maximum number of people do even after the doctor’s instructions on how and when to take medicines are. Here are few tips for taking medications safely.

  1. Don’t Miss the Recommended Doses of the Medicine: It’s very important to follow the prescribed dosage; otherwise, you won’t get the exact benefits of it.
  2. Avoid Taking Antacid with Other Medicines: Antacids should be taken after some time gap.
  3. Don’t Take Multiple Tablets: Always check with your doctor which medicine can be taken with the already prescribed medicines because few medicines can have counter effects.
  4. Time to Take a Prescribed Medicine: Always take the medicine within a time gap of 6 hours and at the time as the doctor instructed to take it.
  5. Don’t Take Medicine with Milk: Never take your medicine with milk or cold water as it is bad for health.

There are many things, which can go wrong like an allergy to a medicine, diabetic or pregnant people. So, you should inform this to your doctor before taking any medicine.

To avoid all these errors, always follow the ‘6 Rights’, which include:

  1. The right dose
  2. The right medication
  3. The right patient
  4. The right route
  5. The right time
  6. The right storage

In the context of these ‘Rights’, always remember to:

  1. Take note of the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Write down the name of medicine, dosage (mg), when to eat (empty stomach or after food), what time of the day etc.
  2. Always make it a point to compare your prescription and the medicine given by the pharmacist.
  3. Always store the medicine properly as instructed by the manufacturer and the doctor.

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